Teders Quackenbush Wealth Management Group

Financial Harmony

At Teders Quackenbush Wealth Management Group, we recognize that our clients have countless choices when it comes to selecting a wealth management professional. While some are well served with a Robo-Advisor, an internet broker, or an investment generalist, our clients have entrusted us with their assets because they require a higher level of service… a personalized plan and a wealth management team to serve their unique needs.

Our group focuses on bringing your existing professionals together. Instead of trying to specialize in every aspect of investment planning, we harness our vast resources at Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Networks as well as local CPA’s, attorneys, and insurance professionals to help achieve the highest level of design and ensure that we support a uniform and comprehensive plan. Our high attention to detail and significant client base allows us to grow our practice by only a few new relationships each year. Because of our controlled growth rate, we limit our broad-reaching advertising and instead allow our relationships to speak for themselves. Thus, we receive most of our new clients from current friends, family, clients, CPA’s, attorneys, or insurance professionals. If you have questions about our practice, please contact our associate Amber Reeves to receive our introductory kit.