We are proud of the work we do at Teders & Quackenbush Wealth Management Group. Helping a select group of clients build, manage, and protect their wealth. Being there for our clients through all of life’s transitions – planned and unplanned. Balancing reason and emotions during challenging, uncertain, and stressful times. Celebrating our clients’ successes, while always considering better ways to serve them.

Clients look to us for planning and advice on the four cornerstones of wealth. Each cornerstone sets the foundation for an array of subjects, too numerous to list but which include Investment Management, Credit and Liability Management, Non-Portfolio Risk Management, and Estate Investment Planning. We guide and counsel our clients through the accumulation, protection, and distribution stages of wealth.

Our process embraces collaboration; it is rooted in integrity, and it thrives on compassion. Collaboration among trusted colleagues, our clients, and their legal, tax, and business counsel fosters insightful thinking and problem-solving, enabling us to be more productive, creative, and cost-effective. Our duties of loyalty and care to our clients are paramount in everything we do. Our word is our bond. If something needs to be done, we do it, no matter what it takes. Earning and retaining our clients’ trust means everything to us.

Lasting relationships are fueled by communication and most importantly the sincere and genuine desire to listen to people. We listen to our clients to understand their feelings and emotions about money, not to judge them or determine if they are right or wrong, and we always provide a safe, confidential listening space for our clients. That’s what we do and what we believe in at Teders & Quackenbush Wealth Management Group.